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Hello Kitty's Bats & Cats Masquerade (OMG).

Royal/T is a crazy art gallery/restaurant/store in Culver City. They call it L.A.'s first cosplay café. The space has been hosting a series of Hello Kitty events and artwork for the past few weeks, and it peaked last night with a Hello Kitty '80s Goth party. 

My girlfriend Stepho and our friends Kimmy, Carré and Jhoana are obsessed with Hello Kitty and just about anything similarly cute and/or kitty-based, so we all got dressed up and headed to Culver City (my "costume" was typically creative: a black suit). We got there at 8:30 to find easily 300 people in a slow-moving line that wrapped around the whole building. In a particularly lucky turn of events (especially for Friday the 13th), my heroic friend Rob Vogel, whose beautiful girlfriend Amanda Jones was DJ'ing the event, called just as we were about to split to tell us that he could get us in. Station.

The inside of this Hello Kitty party was like a microscopic Comic-Con populated only by cute girls and cosplayers. Everybody there was 100% into Hello Kitty and Gothic Lolita or harajuku fashions, and some people managed to fuse it with the 1980s goth theme of the evening. There was some excellent Hello Kitty-based artwork on display but the people and their outfits were just as creative and fun to see. So much giggling, screaming and other outbursts of cuteness and intense glee -- it was really hard to be sardonic in there. I had an amazing time.

A couple of girls definitely stood out. They handed me a flyer/sticker that read, "Are you CUTE?! Or NAST?!" 

Something about that phrase just blew a hole in my head and I had to Tweet and txt and otherwise transmit those words to everybody I could think of. I learned these girls are called Princess Sparkle Dynamite and Magical Rainbow Explosion (for when they feel CUTE!) or Anal Stained Steph and Jelly Jizz Jeanie (for when they feel NAST!). I urge you to learn more about them and their insane lives at cuteornast.com.

I wish I had more and better pictures of the attendees but I felt weird just asking strangers if I could take their photos and put them on a blog they'd never read. But there was an event photographer on-site so hopefully we will see some more pix soon


Relaxing day at home. (Can you see the spy?)


Hyphocity, Summer 2009.


The hyphocity photo sets document my miscellaneous existence.

Summer 2009 was another eventful season of fun travel, brilliant music and amazing friends. There was Comic-Con, two Underworld shows, two Nine Inch Nails shows, a baby's christening, many nights out and of course numerous trips down to the pool.

As some of you may know, I'm something of a Flickr addict, and I routinely upload photographs of my adventures within a few days of experiencing them. I catalogue said activities into specific sets as well as a massive set encompassing the whole season's events so I can watch a slideshow of my memories, often with my own soundtrack playing in the background. I thought you might want to do the same thing.

I did swipe three or four photos of the girls from a club photographer's website, and I stole the shot of Carré Callaway (aka Queen Kwong) opening for Nine Inch Nails from Flickr, as I just wasn't close enough to the stage to get a good shot of my friend performing.

So here's what the summer looked and sounded like through (mostly) my eyes and ears.

Or, if you prefer, here's a straight, non-video slideshow (also available in fullscreen)

Or, if you prefer, here's the Flickr photo album.


Underworld Trek 2009.

IMG_3037.JPG by you.

My favorite band is Underworld. They were set to play three shows over three days in three different cities, and my girlfriend Stepho and my friend Sam and I followed them to each date: Las Vegas, Oakland and Los Angeles.

It was awesome. Except for L.A., where Underworld was to headline the HARD Summer festival.

Riot Police emptied the Forum last night. We got out just in time. Hooligans got the whole festival shut down before any of the bands played. I am so fucking bummed. This trek was a huge deal for me.

Clusterfuck is really the only appropriate word. Everything about this event went wrong, from the minute you arrived at the venue. I won’t be surprised if this puts HARD out of business, what with refunding all the tickets (i assume), paying the artists and paying the venue. Not to mention the serious damage to HARD’s reputation. This is a class A disaster.

  • There was no order at all to the entrances, it was anarchy — people climbing over walls and shit.
  • Inside, nobody knew how to get down on the floor level. The staff were wall imbeciles, nobody could even tell you were the second stage was.
  • Frustrated with the lack of access, some hooligans started jumping over the wall of the bleacher section and onto the floor.
  • Fire marshall came in and caused some trouble, prompting the organizers to BEG people to sit down and back away from railings. Nearly everybody did but even 1.5 hours later the music still had not resumed.
  • Riot police called in, rumors of a fatality.
  • Finally, everybody noticed the sound guys packing up and Tweets and Texts from the outside said Underworld and Chromeo and the other artists had already left the building.

Total fucking FAIL.

My friends and I did the whole trek: Vegas, Oakland and back home to LA, and it was such a big deal to me to do this. I am crushed and furious. I’m embarrassed for my city.

Underworld were amazing in Vegas and Oakland, though, and seeing them two nights in a row and meeting up with old friends in both cities was an amazing experience.

IMG_2902.JPGIMG_2903.JPGIMG_2904.JPGIMG_2905.JPGUnderworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009Underworld Live, Las Vegas 2009IMG_2992.JPGIMG_2995.JPGIMG_2996.JPGIMG_2997.JPGIMG_2999.JPGIMG_3001.JPGIMG_3002.JPGIMG_3003.JPGIMG_3005.JPGIMG_3006.JPGIMG_3013.JPGIMG_3016.JPGUnderworld Live, Oakland 2009Underworld Live, Oakland 2009Underworld Live, Oakland 2009Underworld Live, Oakland 2009Underworld Live, Oakland 2009Underworld Live, Oakland 2009IMG_3054.JPGIMG_3055.JPGIMG_3057.JPGIMG_3062.JPGIMG_3064.JPGIMG_3065.JPGIMG_3066.JPGIMG_3067.JPGIMG_3072.JPGIMG_3073.JPGIMG_3074.JPGIMG_3075.JPGIMG_3076.JPGIMG_3077.JPGIMG_3081.JPGIMG_3083.JPGIMG_3103.JPGIMG_2429.JPGIMG_2430.JPGIMG_2431.JPGIMG_2432.JPGIMG_2434.JPGIMG_2435.JPGIMG_2437.JPGIMG_2438.JPG


San Diego Comic-Con 2009.

Wholly Unnecessary Dickery by you.

This year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego was one of my favorites, mainly because I wasn’t working it. As I’ve touched on before, the Comic-Con grind at CBR is really, really hard, and two years was all I could take. Instead I spent the weekend enjoying the event itself, meeting new people and having a good time with my friends.

Not much else to report, except that it was just really, really pleasant.

Here’s a picture of the Twilight concentration camp.

IMG_2833.JPG by you.

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